Jitterbugging for Jesus

What follows is an excerpt from Gerry Straub’s Blog posting today. Learn more about Straub and his unique and wonderful ministry with the poorest of the poor below.

(And keep those people whose lives or properties have been destroyed by the tornadoes and other crushing weather in serious prayer, fellow people of faith.)

In his book, The Ascent of Mount Carmel,
the 16th century Spanish mystic,
St. John of the Cross said:

“To come to possess all,
desire the possession of nothing.”

His startling words stand in direct opposition
to our American ambition for
power, money, pleasure, glamour, security and
an ever increasing standard of living.
The saint came to realize that
an unrestrained appetite for these things
fragments the soul,
causing our lives to be
too divided and cluttered
to find the true peace and joy
that can only be found
in loving and serving God above all else.

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